U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood announces $4.8 million grant for Dayton International Airport

Posted: 7 September 2012 | FAA | No comments yet

Dayton International Airport to expand the apron area around the terminal…

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today announced a $4.8 million Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant for James M. Cox Dayton International Airport to expand the apron area around the terminal.

Completion of the project will ensure a clear line of sight between the control tower and the aircraft movement area near the terminal.

“Providing the means for projects such as this ensures continuing safe operations at our nation’s airports,” Secretary LaHood said. “In addition, investing in our nation’s airports promotes economic growth.”

The FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant will fund the removal of the Concourse D building, along with rehabilitating and expanding the apron area around the terminal. Demolition of the Concourse D building is scheduled to begin this year and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by late 2013.

“This project will not only improve safety, it will also provide a more efficient operations area for the movement of aircraft at Dayton Airport,” said Acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta.

AIP provides $3.35 billion in annual funding for projects that are vital to maintaining the safety, capacity, and environmental stewardship of our nation’s airports. More than 3,300 airports are eligible for AIP grants benefiting commercial passengers, cargo operations, and general aviation activities throughout the nation.

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