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Issue 6 2011



The CANSO Congress

8 December 2011 | By Paul Riemens, Chairman of the CANSO Executive Committee

By 2026, it is forecast that aviation will contribute one trillion USD to the world’s GDP per year. This is more than double the 425 billion USD it contributes today, and clearly demonstrates the increasingly important role that aviation plays in supporting the global economy. However, this relies on the…


My first week in airport management

8 December 2011 | By William Shea, Former FAA Associate Administrator

My job as Airport Manager at Burlington, Vermont Municipal Airport, from 1967 to 1971 was one of the most exciting and diverse times of my working life. Back then it was a small to medium hub airport in Northern New England. I eventually persuaded the City Council to change the…


Defining the future of global ATM

8 December 2011 | By Nancy Graham, Director, Air Navigation Bureau at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

In 2012, ICAO will convene a landmark air navigation conference that will seek agreement on the strategic plan to set the stage for globally interoperable Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. These systems will be implemented based on the Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) concept. The ASBU approach calls for a…


“Didn’t they know we were coming?”

8 December 2011 | By Geraldine Flynn, Manager of A-CDM Implementation at EUROCONTROL

To set the context for this article I would like to state something that is evident to all, that causes huge problems for everyone, and which, for a long time there was no effective remedy. Flights are delayed (for perfectly legitimate reasons) and cannot be ready to depart at their…


E-gates at Zurich Airport

8 December 2011 | By Albert Steiner, Robin Breu and Patrick Bruderer, Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Manuel Renold, Simulation Expert at Zurich Airport

The airline industry is facing enormous challenges today and even more so in the future. The continuing increase of passenger and freight transport demand, the competition among airlines and the resulting cost pressure forces airlines to continually adapt and optimise their processes. In addition, the cost of delays for all…


Keeping baggage safe

8 December 2011 | By Stefano Dolci, Head of BHS Management, SEA - Milan Airports

The handling of baggage is a very important activity within an airport. One of the main concerns of passengers (and carriers) is to be able to find their baggage on arrival. For this reason the mishandled baggage rate (that is baggage not loaded into the correct plane and shipped afterwards…


Being prepared for the worst

8 December 2011 | By Rob Cooke, Head of Airfield Operations at Birmingham Airport

It is inevitable that adverse weather conditions at airports will lead to operational restrictions on airfields and will often lead to disruption to aircraft operations. This was witnessed during December 2011 when the world looked on as UK aviation was severely affected by freezing conditions and heavy snowfall. However, at…


Friction testing through the years

8 December 2011 | By Armann Norheim, Leader of the ICAO Friction Task Force (FTF)

The history of the world includes many well known inventions which have had a significant influence on technological developments. One of these is the Dynamometer, a device used for measuring force, moment of force (torque) and power. Dynamometers have been a vital and necessary component in instruments that can identify…


Achieving effective ARFF in a challenging economy

8 December 2011 | By Jack Kreckie, Regulatory Affairs Officer at the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Working Group (ARFFWG)

This is the second part of Jack Kreckie’s article that highlights the challenges associated with effective ARFF within the current economic climate. The first part of this paper was published in issue five of International Airport Review, 2011. NFPA Guidelines In addition to the two primary regulators of ARFF e.g.…


Technology innovation and advance LEDs for airfield lighting

8 December 2011 | By Jennifer Taylor, Lighting Research Centre, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y.

In the past two decades, the LED (light-emitting diode) has advanced to the point where it is now considered a key lighting technology, not only for its potential to save energy, reduce carbon emissions, and have a long service life, but also for its ability to be ‘tuned’ for optimal…


Chicago Rockford welcomes the 747-8

8 December 2011 | By Ken Ryan, Director of Cargo at Chicago Rockford International Airport

Despite some initial setbacks for delivery, the Boeing 747-8 freighter orders are being completed and flights have begun. The new aircraft is a clear demonstration of today’s demands and needs of cargo carriers to cut costs and maximise efficiencies. The larger, more fuel efficient Dash 8 presents several new advantages…