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Issue 4 2012



Differentiation through integration

3 August 2012 | By Bo Redeborn, Principal Director, Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL

"Airports need to be integrated into the ATM network.” This is a state - ment you may well have heard recently; certainly it is being discussed at conferences. But what does it mean? What benefits will it bring? And who will see these benefits? The network is becoming more clearly…


Trondheim’s snow and ice tactics

3 August 2012 | By Per Jarle Ingstad, Operational Director, Trondheim Airport, Værnes, Avinor AS

Norway is well known for its wintery weather however these types of conditions are rarely a problem for us here at Trondheim Airport. It is a constantly changing and fluctuating winter pattern that creates the greatest challenges. This places greater demands on both personnel and equipment at the airport which…


An Olympic effort

3 August 2012 | By Paul Haskins, NATS General Manager, London Terminal Control

The London 2012 Olympic Games presents a series of significant challenges for air traffic control in the UK, but NATS has been planning and preparing for this event for the past four years. The Games – the Olympics and the Paralympics – will be the single biggest aircraft movement event…


Service and comfort

3 August 2012 | By Julian Jäger, Management Board Member at Flughafen Wien AG and Günther Ofner, Management Board Member at Flughafen Wien AG

With its location at the centre of Europe, Vienna Airport has developed into an important turntable to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It has thus grown into the biggest employer within the region and a major economic motor for Austria. The development of the airport has continued by enlarging…


The future of freight

3 August 2012 | By Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

The revenue stream created by cargo is an important one for airports. Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke to John Frogatt, Cargo and Commercial Bid Director at the Manchester Airport Group (M.A.G) about the importance of the market and how it affects the group’s circle of airports which includes…


Progress in Lagos

3 August 2012 | By Alhaji Sulleiman Yahyah, Vice Chairman of nahco aviance

The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (nahco aviance) has completed its new cargo warehouse modernisation project. The initiative was conceived more than five years ago by nahco aviance management as a proactive approach to maintaining a competitive edge, sustainable revenue growth and profitability of the cargo handling business while exceeding customer…


Being safe in Sydney

3 August 2012 | By Mark Von Nida, Fire Superintendent at Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia’s Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) service at Sydney Airport is just one of 21 fire stations at international, domestic and regional airports located through - out the country. Airservices Australia employs over 740 highly trained and experienced aviation fire fighting and technical personnel operating 113 high per…


Preparation is everything

1 August 2012 | By Chief David Y Whitaker, Airport Liaison Chief at Memphis International Airport and Chairman of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Working Group

We have all heard the old adage that if you’ve been to one airport, then you’ve been to them all. However, airports are complex places and the size of the airport, scheduled aircraft, ARFF equipment, training, mutual aid, and jurisdictional boundaries all contribute to the differences. Exactly who is in…


RFF station design and siting

1 August 2012 | By Jack Kreckie, Regulatory Affairs Officer at the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Working Group

The design and construction of a new Rescue Firefighting (RFF) station may only occur once during a career in emergency services. Selecting the right team, consistent leadership, prudent planning, and awareness of the specific needs of an RFF Department today and in the future will help to make that legacy…


Eastern and central Europe’s retail partnership

1 August 2012 | By Alan Bork, Commercial Director at Budapest Airport

It makes sense to bring together the central and eastern European travel retail and duty free industry under an umbrella association. Providing the members with a forum to exchange views, build relationships, and find common ground while establishing a united voice that can tackle local and regional issues as they…


Airspace surveillance systems – past, present and future

1 August 2012 | By Jacques Dopagne, Director Network Management, EUROCONTROL

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS) is one of the most advanced surveillance data processing systems in the world, underpinning ATM network safety and efficiency. The concept emerged in the early-90s, long before the Single European Sky (SES) appeared. It was created by a community of…


Final Call: Kjeld Binger

1 August 2012 | By Mark Glover, Commissioning Editor, International Airport Review

In the first of a new series that profiles key individuals from the airport world, Mark Glover from International Airport Review spoke to Kjeld Binger, CEO of Airport International Group (AIG) about the new terminal at the Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan and the role that cargo plays in…