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Issue 3 2005



A 21st century update for Chicago

16 September 2005 | By Roderick R. Drew, O’Hare Modernisation Project Spokesperson

After an exceptionally lengthy development phase, the controversial plans to expand Chicago O’Hare will finally become reality later this year.


Winter in Toronto

16 September 2005 | By Eric Tolton, Director of Operations, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Dealing with the cold and snow has recently received an upheaval at Toronto Pearson and in this article Eric Tolton reveals some of the new methods.


Perimeter security post 9/11

16 September 2005 | By Chief Alvy Dodson, Director of Public Safety Manager, DFW International Airport

In this exclusive article Alvy Dodson relates his department’s strategic thinking behind managing the perimeter of an 18,000 acre site against terrorism.


A unique security training programme

16 September 2005 | By Ernst Schlecht, Head of Security and Safety Planning, Unique Zurich

Although often the overlooked aspects of security operations, there is an increasing need to include effective training and communications as an integral part of operating a safe and secure airport, writes Ernst Schlecht.


Fire training for a safer airport

16 September 2005 | By Tim Oakes, Divisional Officer, International Fire Training Centre

The best training for your airport’s Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (RFFS) will not necessarily focus solely on technical ability, writes Tim Oakes.


The secrets to faster boarding

16 September 2005 | By Kai Nagel, Professor of Transport Systems Planning and transport telematics, Technical University of Berlin and Pieric Ferrari, ETH Zurich

The latest research into the way passengers behave when boarding aircraft reveals some surprising results, and prompts reflection on present boarding practices.


Preparing for new large aircraft

16 September 2005 | By Satish Agrawal, Ph.D., Airport Technology R&D manager, FAA

The next generation of aircraft creates new pressures for an airport’s pavements, consequentially engineers at the FAA’s Research and Development centre are continuing to develop systems to predict and assess requirements.


LED potential on the airfield

16 September 2005 | By Ben Sampson

The growing acceptance of LED technology for use in different airports globally is testament to the technology’s potential in this area.


How to avoid bad weather delays

16 September 2005 | By Doug Johnson, Aviation Programme Manager, Met Office

In this article Doug Johnson describes how aviation users can utilise improved meteorological information to move beyond minimum safety requirements and towards increased business benefits.


Facilitating increased globalisation

16 September 2005 | By Dora Kay, Immediate Past Chairman, The International Air Cargo Association

TIACA uses its partnerships with Government and trade organisations to progress the cause of air cargo and global economic development.


Full speed ahead on e-tickets

16 September 2005 | By Bryan Wilson, Project Director – Electronic Ticketing, IATA

IATA’s e-ticketing initiative has covered substantial ground since its inception, but as Bryan Wilson, there are still obstacles to overcome.


The privatisation path in Hungary

16 September 2005 | By Sarah Hunter, Head of Investor Relations at BAA

The UK became the first country to privatise its airports almost 20 years ago, a trend subsequently copied around the world to help fuel infrastructure investment.


Cooperating on ATM research

16 September 2005 | By Hans Offerman, Chairman EATRADA European Air Traffic Management Research and Development Association

The most effective way of researching new technologies needed to enhance capacity is to work together writes Hans Offerman, chairman of a new European association with cooperative aims.


Congestion and slot allocation

16 September 2005 | By Claus Ulrich, Chairman of the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group (WWACG)

Co-ordinating and allocating flights may traditionally be a back-room activity, but current capacity constraints mean that it is rapidly coming to the fore.