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Issue 1 2009



TSA checkpoint security technology evolves

7 February 2009 | By Robin E. Kane, Acting Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Technology, TSA

Over the course of 2008, TSA deployed, piloted and tested several technologies that greatly enhanced the screening process for travellers all across the country. The ultimate goal is to create an environment that harmonises a high level of security with the need to ensure freedom of movement for travellers.


DIA – Achieving balance in winter operations

7 February 2009 | By John S. Kinney, Deputy Manager of Aviation/Operations and Public Safety, Denver International Airport

It’s a well-kept secret that most locals want to keep from outsiders: although located close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and a mile above sea level, the city of Denver doesn’t get as much snow as many non-residents assume. With 300-plus days of sunshine annually, what snow does…


Share or fail! Leveraging resources between agencies

7 February 2009 | By John Michael Anderson, Chairman, ARFF Working Group

The need today is share everything or do without! Governments are making significant cuts in every area and the task before every emergency response agency is to do your job without any extra funds. That sounds easy! Failure is an option for any organisation, but if you work within your…


The evolution of MRTDs

7 February 2009 | By Mauricio Siciliano, MRTD Officer, Specifications and Guidance Material / Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

The evolution of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) over the past decade has been quite extraordinary, particularly with the advent of the electronic or ePassport enhanced with biometric identification. While the ICAO standard calls for all 190 Member States of the Organisation to begin issuing MRPs only by April 2010, at…


SMS and civil liability – the German perspective

7 February 2009 | By Henning Pfisterer, Airport Safety Manager, Munich International Airport and Christian Pisani, Partner, Müller & Pisani

The implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) at international airports was one of the most considerable changes in the regulatory framework for the operation and licensing of aerodromes in recent years. According to an ICAO requirement that came into effect in November 2005, international airports must have a Safety Management…


Handling of military fuel grades with commercial filter monitors

7 February 2009 | By Pierre Poitras, Senior Chemist, Tactical Aerospace Fluids, Department of National Defence, Government of Canada

Aviation flight safety relies greatly on the provision of clean, dry and on-specification fuel types to airlines and military assets. Delivery of contaminant free fuel to aircraft relies on in-line filtration used throughout the fuel supply chain, including supplier's terminals and airport facilities.


Phoenix: Preparing for the future, while exceeding expectations today

7 February 2009 | By Danny Murphy, Aviation Director, City of Phoenix

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the gateway to the southwestern United States, serving 40 million passengers a year. As the first and last impression for visitors to the Grand Canyon State and elsewhere, Sky Harbor strives to provide customer service exceeding expectations. Perhaps that is why we are known…


Challenge and opportunity for airport authority

7 February 2009 | By Randall L. Tobias, President, Indianapolis Airport Authority Board

The new Indianapolis International Airport (IND) opened for business on November 12, 2008. With a new multi-lane interstate entrance it includes a tripled-in-size parking garage and spacious parking lots, together totalling nearly 18,000 spaces. Adjacent to the new Ground Transportation Centre, passengers can easily reach eight rental car facilities capable…


Runway Friction Measurement Status

7 February 2009 | By Thomas J. Yager, Distinguished Research Associate, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia USA

With today's technology, the measurement of ‘friction' can be readily and accurately determined whether it be in a vehicle engine, wheel bearing, or of more immediate attention, the interface between a moving vehicle tire and the travelled pavement surface. In regards to ground vehicle and aircraft operations, the problem is…


Deicing at Denver International Airport

7 February 2009 | By Keith D. Pass, Environmental Programme Administrator, Denver International Airport

As the newest major international hub airport in the United States, Denver International Airport (DEN) has benefitted from its planners' foresight in acquiring enough land (53 square miles) to allow ample room for future growth. When developing both the airport's design and layout, DEN's planners also made sure to incorporate…