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Issue 1 2007



Rebuilding Toronto Pearson

6 February 2007 | By Lloyd McCoomb, President and CEO, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Having recently been voted Best Global Airport 2006 by the Institute of Transport Management, Toronto Pearson International Airport is delivering on a decade-old promise.


Airport CDM and the ground handling industry

6 February 2007 | By Elisabeth Lagios, Airport CDM Project Manager, EUROCONTROL

It is a fact that airports currently face the challenge of constantly increasing air traffic demand. Very few new airports are planned or under construction, and a saturated infrastructure will, in turn, make the job of maintaining maximum operational efficiency more and more complex.


Friction and prediction

6 February 2007 | By John Croll, Research Officer and Test Pilot, Canadian National Research Council and Angelo Boccanfuso, Senior Development Officer (R&D), Transportation Development Centre, Transport Canada

Wet and icy runways are the leading cause of landing accidents worldwide. But, while timely and accurate information about runway surface conditions is critical, methods for assessing weather conditions vary from one country to another, and information communicated to pilots can vary from one airport to another. In some countries,…


A logistical dream

6 February 2007 | By Shaun Cowlam, Logistics Director, BAA Heathrow

Restricted to the north and south by two of the world’s most heavily utilised runways, to the east by existing terminals and to the west by Europe’s busiest motorway interchange, space is at a premium at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 site. There’s little room and a large logistical challenge: how…


Trialling large-scale biometric systems

6 February 2007 | By H. Carr-Archer, Director, International Association for Biometrics (IAFB)

Great expectations burden the biometrics industry. It’s difficult to conceive of a future for air travel in which they are not relied upon for security and passenger processing, but the timescale has been hazy. All that may soon change. The UK’s largest biometric trial was recently carried out at Heathrow,…


Facilitating growth

6 February 2007 | By Michael Zaddach, Vice President for IT and Communication Systems, Flughafen München GmbH

Munich Airport’s impressive, recent growth shows no sign of slowing. Over 30 million passengers were recorded in 2006, the first time that the airport has broken the barrier in a single operating year, and expansion plans are already in place to accommodate future demand. However, as Michael Zaddach explains, success…


Combining RFID and video surveillance

6 February 2007 | By Dr. Paul Brennan, Reader in Electronics, University College London

The need in major airports to move a large number of people through a complex environment as efficiently and safely as possible is becoming an increasingly challenging task. The volume of flights is growing along with the size of aircraft, and security has, in recent years, become a critical issue.…


Fraport in 2007

6 February 2007 | By

Fraport AG, operators of Frankfurt airport since 1924, have developed into one of the industry’s leading companies, offering a range of services from traffic and terminal management to real estate marketing. Dr Stefan Schulte discusses future plans for Fraport AG, with safety and security as top priorities.


After the storm

6 February 2007 | By Sean C. Hunter, Interim Director of Aviation, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina continues apace in New Orleans and nowhere more so than at the city’s airport, where commercial air service resumed only two weeks after the storm. Tourists are returning and Sean C. Hunter forecasts a continuing rise in passenger figures.


Modernising the U.S. ATC system

6 February 2007 | By Basil J. Barimo, Vice President Operations and Safety, Air Transport Association of America

If the U.S. air traffic control (ATC) system is not fundamentally reformed to handle the projected rapid growth in the number of aircraft using the services of the system, the U.S. aviation industry and all of its stakeholders, including our nation’s airports, will face an unparalleled confluence of challenges with…


A holistic approach to aerodrome certification

6 February 2007 | By George Saounatsos, Associate Project Director, ADPi

Safety, regularity and efficiency of aircraft operations at aerodromes are of paramount importance, thus generating the need for the existence of a formal system to verify and validate that the airport operator can safely accommodate the foreseen aeronautical activity.


The next generation of airport terminal

6 February 2007 | By Marc Noyelle, Executive Director & Chief Development Officer, Aéroports de Paris

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport will undergo a phenomenal expansion over the next two years, one driven by necessity and increasing passenger numbers, but shaped by a commitment to design. Marc Noyelle discusses how Aéroports de Paris is blending function and aesthetics to create an airport of the future.


Meeting passenger needs at London Luton Airport

6 February 2007 | By Martyn Lloyd, Commercial Director, London Luton Airport

Due to an increasing number of visitors to London Luton Airport, the recent redevelopment of the departure and arrival lounges has helped to produce a relaxed atmosphere, which provides passengers with an ideal terminal building.