NavVis GmbH

Blutenburgstraße 18

+49 89 716 925 027


NavVis was founded to create a better way of mapping, navigating, and virtual interaction in indoor spaces. We believe that indoor mapping and navigation should be easy to use and should not require additional infrastructure. We envision a world where virtual indoor applications are seamlessly integrated with the physical world through custom content and applications made possible by an open ecosystem. We are a fast-growing high-tech company based in Munich, Germany. Our customers and partners include the world’s largest automotive OEMs, industrial companies and retailers, as well as software and high-tech companies.

With our NavVis Trolley it is possible to map complete indoor spaces at an unmatched cost/quality ratio. Afterwards the browser-based NavVis IndoorViewer enables to access the digital building from anywhere as well as enrich it with content. Furthermore, we also provide a Navigation App for locating and navigating users very accurately in indoor environments. With our positioning technology based on computer vision no additional infrastructure (e.g. Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi hotspots etc.) needs to be installed. All this reflects the great potential of airport indoor digitisation, not only enhancing the user / traveller experience, but also creating new retail marketing opportunities and efficiency gains by streamlining internal processes.