Innovative Travel Solutions


The airport experience of tomorrow uses technology to transform the traveller’s experience through adaptable solutions that unite efficiency, safety and security. At Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) by Vancouver International Airport (YVR), we are dedicated to creating solutions that evolve with tomorrow’s changing needs, especially as airports around the world strive to keep pace with increased passenger traffic and shifting regulations.

We are the industry’s largest provider of kiosk-based border control solutions, with demonstrated experience helping more than 250 million passengers safely clear the border. Our story began over 10 years ago with the introduction of BorderXpress, a self-service kiosk solution, designed to expedite the border control process.

Using state-of-the-art biometrics, the kiosks can process any passenger, including those travelling as a group and those who require increased accessibility. Initially built to make passenger border control at YVR more efficient and secure, it quickly became clear that other airports around the globe could benefit from our technology. BorderXpress expanded rapidly and is now the trusted partner at more than 43 airport and seaport locations around the world, solidifying its status as the industry gold standard.

Our technology is built by an airport, for airports, giving us a unique industry perspective like no other. We understand the needs of passengers and airports and how to create a seamless experience while also achieving lower operating costs and greater efficiencies, including reducing wait times by more than 60 per cent. And, there’s no need to add more space or staffing resources.

We also have the advantage of using YVR as a live test site to build the best possible technology prior to going to market. We’re able to test a product, fail quickly, fine tune it, trial it again, and achieve a better result.

As we transform the airport experience of tomorrow, we will continue to deliver purposeful solutions that are tailored to each airport’s and immigration authority’s unique needs and regulatory environment. Because we know that for our team – and our partners – experience matters.