60 Seconds with… Kanokwara Anutarawatr, Senior Manager at Mack Brooks Exhibitions Asia Ltd.

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Kanokwara Anutarawatr, Senior Manager at Mack Brooks Exhibitions Asia, discusses why inter airport South East Asia 2017 is the region’s must-attend event…


The successful return of inter airport South East Asia in 2015 proved how important this event is…

The show attracted a highly international audience with 42% of the visitors coming from overseas; 97% of whom were from the Asia Pacific and Oceania region. Buyers of airport equipment from across South East Asia attended and every country from the ASEAN region was represented by their national airport authorities. Airports, ground handlers and airport operators from 39 countries made up a significant part of the exhibition visitor profile. This confirms inter airport South East Asia is the must attend event for the region’s airport industry. Airports and authorities across the whole region are facing tremendous pressure to increase capacity to meet an increasing demand for air travel. Both through new airports and upgrading existing airports, a meeting place is needed to ensure the best technologies, equipment and best practice methods are implemented. inter airport provides the opportunity to equip these airports with the best solutions and thus confirming the importance of the event to the industry in SE Asia.

What can we expect from the 2017 event?

The exhibition is growing in size, number of exhibitors and partnerships with leading buyer groups in the region. The show will move forward by attracting key buyers and authorities from across the region who will be met with a more comprehensive choice of equipment, services, security screening, check-in and baggage handling, and IT systems suppliers. In addition, mirroring the outdoor area at the mother show inter airport Europe, the 2017 SE Asia edition will provide a wider array of ground support equipment (GSE) from around the world.

What trends are you currently seeing in the industry?

The overriding trend is the rising demand of air travel across the region. The ASEAN population alone totals 625 million but the key demographic is a growing young affluent middle class. They are travelling more and placing a huge strain on the existing airport capacities right across the region. ASEAN represents 10 countries with 10 growing economies. The demand for air travel is only going to get greater and airports across the region will need to continually develop in order to meet this demand. All countries across ASEAN are investing in their airports, with both new airports and expansions of existing – this trend will continue through the coming years.

How important is it for the event to keep gaining association support?

The exhibition is serving the industry, and the stakeholders of the industry are clearly central to its growth development. Global and regional associations and groups – CAAS, STB, GATE and BASEA for example – need and use the exhibition, so naturally we will continue to work with them. inter airport South East Asia 2017 continues to receive strong support from these alliances. The feedback from all their suppliers from the event was very positive; the event helps them to enlarge their existing network in SE Asia. The show also enables a networking platform with new contacts and colleagues. 

How will the co-located events help support inter airport South East Asia?

The SMART Airports South East Asia Conference will return once again in addition to welcoming a new co-locating event with the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) including the Project Update Theatres on the show floor. SAA will offer a wide range of operational and management programmes that benchmark international standards and best practices to meet the training needs of the global aviation community. Project Updates Theatres is a feature for airport authorities in South East Asia countries to present and update the industry on their current, new and upcoming projects. These added co-located events ensure the event will be a one-stop shop for airport professionals across the region. Not only will participants be able to experience products and equipment at the exhibition, but they will also have a greater opportunity to learn and keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry through these other activities during the three days.

How do you envisage the ASEAN region developing over the next five to 10 years?

The rising demand for international flights across South East Asia creates an urgent need for airport expansion and development across the region. A large population with a rapidly expanding affluent middle class and booming economies provide a perfect storm for increasing demand in air travel both locally and internationally. The rapid growth in air travel across the region has resulted in a wide range of planned airport investments by governments, airports and other aviation companies totalling billions of dollars. South East Asian airports need to continue to develop to meet the demand. The show will act as a focal point for the further enhancement and development of the industry.

Kanokwara Anutarawatr (Wendy) worked for over 10 years in the exhibiting industry before joining Mack Brooks, for organisers venues, government agencies and contractors. At Mack Brooks Exhibitions Asia she is responsible for all projects across South East Asia.

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