Innovation Insight with Phil Callow, Chief Executive Officer of OAG

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Phil Callow, Chief Executive Officer of OAG, explains how in today’s multi-platform world, OAG connects the world of travel…

Innovation Insight with Phil Callow, Chief Executive Officer of OAG

OAG has a large network of air travel data which helps power a wide variety of industry solutions. The company connects its customers to the traveller by providing a full life cycle of products. “We tell the whole story from scheduling and planning, flight status and day-of-travel updates to post journey analysis and on-time performance review,” explains Phil Callow, CEO of OAG.

OAG’s data and analysis tools help customers make the right decisions about product choice and proposition, customer service and communication; giving them the ability to enhance the travel experience, all of which in turn benefits the traveller, whether they are planning a future trip, are at the airport, inflight, or on their way to their destination.

It’s important to meet the demand for the most accurate day-of-travel information, as Phil reveals: “Our acquisition of FlightView in 2015 complemented our existing flight status offering and put us in the position of having the world’s most extensive real-time flight status database. With this database and the technology to support it, we make sure our customers get the best quality data, delivered in a flexible way that meets customer needs quickly and efficiently.

“Our newly-launched product portfolio, OAG FlightView, offers more flight status feeds and alerts choices, compelling visualisations, web and mobile content, digital displays for weather, flight tracking and air traffic updates.”

So how will OAG’s data and analysis help airports to develop closer relationships with their customers? OAG supports airports in a variety of ways. The schedules data and analysis tools help airports understand and interpret passenger trends, route dynamics and performance. “We provide data and insight to help them manage resources, passenger flows, customer services, as well as improve existing on-the-ground operations,” says Phil. “Our suite of products provides competitive analysis, market insight and the ability to understand detailed performance data.”

For frequent travellers, regular and most importantly, accurate communication ensures all parties feel engaged and well-informed. It shows the airport cares about the passenger experience and values loyalty. OAG provides solutions that allow airports to better inform passengers throughout the journey – whether it’s at home before they leave the house, at the airport or on their way home when friends or family await to greet them.

Phil continues: “We also work with those who provide services to the airports. A significant proportion of the passenger experience depends on third parties – handling agents, catering companies, fuel providers and retailers. We provide analysis for operational efficiencies, flight status feeds for day-of-travel resourcing and scheduling insights for growth and development of services, all of which help with contract performance and enhance the travel experience.”

OAG adds value to the discussions around punctuality and the on-time performance (OTP) of airlines and airports through its extensive flight status database. “This, combined with a reputation for integrity and trust, places us in a great position to give objective insight. We can see the whole picture through our schedules and analysis tools and often punctuality and OTP as part of a much wider picture. We can spot trends, we can place things in context and we work with and for the aviation industry,” explains Phil.

OAG’s analysis gives a measured view and the accuracy of the data tells the story. It’s a springboard for airports looking at their operations and services to improve passenger experience, operational performance and ultimately make sound investment decisions for growth. By providing analysis and reports, OAG can follow trends and remain close to industry developments.

OAG will continue to lead the way in delivering digital aviation information and applications. As a growing business it is committed to continuously developing its products and making investments which help the industry grow and evolve. “That’s our role and we have a very clear focus and strategy; we’re all about schedules, flight status and analytics and understanding the customer and the industry in which they are used,” says Phil. “The world of travel is changing and the expectations from the always-on, technology-empowered world traveller continue to grow. This presents a number of challenges for those in the industry as they realise they need to evolve their offerings, upgrade their information systems and extract new sources of value.

“Accessing, leveraging and delivering actionable data is critical and the need for innovation has never been more necessary. It is important to acknowledge that everyone feels confident in the data they use to inform decision-making and we see ourselves as a partner that can be trusted to help businesses deliver innovative solutions. Our team understands the importance of high-quality digital data to support the aviation industry and the need to develop tools and provide expertise to help customers advance their businesses.”


Phil Callow joined OAG as CEO in January 2012. He previously spent seven years at UBM most recently as CEO of their UK healthcare operations. During his time at the helm, he led the digital development strategy and successfully transitioned the business from a predominantly print-led business to a digitally dominated data, subscription and online business. Prior to joining UBM, Phil held a variety of business and consumer publishing roles within EMAP and BBC Worldwide. Phil is a graduate of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University.

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