International Airport Review – Issue #5 2014

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International Airport Review Issue #5 2014

In this edition:

  • Foreword: Celebrating 100 years of commercial aviation (Michael Gill, Executive Director, Air Transport Action Group)
  • Passenger Flow & Experience Supplement:
    – The benefit of shared use lounges (Nancy Knipp, Senior Vice President, Airport Lounge Development)
    – Identity assurance through biometrics (Dr Nicholas Whitehead, Strategic Services Manager)
    – Innovation Insight (with Borry Vrieling, Founder and Managing Director, eezeetags)
    – Screening for your security (Pieter Deelman, Director of Strategic Planning and Ralph Markert, Assistant Director of the International Partnerships and Development Directorate, INTERPOL)
  • Airport Profile: Munich Airport – Europe’s number one (Dr Michael Kerkloh, President and CEO, Flughafen München GmbH)
  • Airport Profile: Dubai Airports: Connecting the world (Lorne Riley Head of Corporate Communications, Dubai Airports)
  • Airport Big Data: Reality or hype? (Dr Roland Krieg, Senior Executive Vice President of IT, Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide)
  • Airport Railways: Keeping airports connected (Paul Le Blond, President, International Air Rail Organisation)
  • Aircraft Recovery Leadership: Silo of excellence or horizontal collaboration? (William Cusato, Chairman, IATA Aircraft Recovery Task Force)
  • Airport Development: Creating a new hub (Maureen Riley, Executive Director, Salt Lake City Department of Airports)
  • ARFF & Recovery: Establishing a world-class firefighting facility (Pierre Berrodier, Head of the SSLIA Service, Lyon Airports)
  • Sixty Seconds With: Arjen Heeres, Chief Operating Officer, Quintiq

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