International Airport Review – Issue #3 2014

Posted: 17 June 2014 | | 4 comments

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International Airport Review Issue #3 2014

In this edition:

  • Foreword: Enhancing global security and facilitation (ICAO Secretary General, Raymond Benjamin)
  • Ground Handling Supplement:
    – Global ground control (Samim Aydin, Chairman, Airport Services Association)
    – The A380: Inspiring ground support (Peter Esteie, Head of Ground Operations & Airport Safety and Sebastien Lavina, Manager of Airport Data and Assessment, Airbus Airport Operations)
  • Terminal Technologies: A new era for air travel (David Bulman, Director of Information Technologies at Virgin Atlantic Airways)
  • Airport Profile: Hamburg – an international success story (Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport Group)
  • A-CDM: Partnership progress at Oslo Airport (Gro Jære, Senior Project Manager A-CDM at Oslo Airport)
  • PIDs & FIDs: Achieving optimal flow (Anders Nielsen and Lone Teist, Billund Airport)
  • Brisbane Airport: The gateway to a new-world city (Julieanne Alroe, CEO and Managing Director of Brisbane Airport Corporation)
  • New Orleans: Creating the airport of tomorrow (Iftikhar Ahmad, Director of Aviation at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport)
  • Baggage Handling: A more efficient process (Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations, IATA)
  • Airport City Stockholm: A living city connected to the world (Kristina Alvendal, CEO of Airport City Stockholm)
  • Solar Power: Embracing solar power at Indira Gandhi Airport (Indana Prabhakara Rao, CEO of Delhi International Airport (P) Limited)
  • Cracking in asphalt concrete pavements: Finite element modelling and feedback (Belkacem Laïmouche, Head of the Airfield Pavements Subdivision at the Civil Aviation Technical Center)

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