Avinor Oslo Airport: A new border control solution by IDEMIA

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With tourism on the rise, Scandinavia’s second busiest airport had to increase throughput and enhance the passenger experience quickly. IDEMIA delivered a state-of-the-art automated border control solution that significantly decreased queues, just in time for Avinor Oslo Airport’s peak season.

A close collaboration

To effectively address Avinor Oslo Airport’s challenges surrounding throughput, passenger convenience and security, IDEMIA created a tailor-made ABC solution in close cooperation with Avinor, the Norwegian police and IDEMIA’s local partner Seca Solutions AS, part of the Dormakaba Group. The high-tech solution replaced the outdated infrastructure, expanding the airport’s automated border control capabilities for both arrivals and departures.

Privacy is one of IDEMIA’s top priorities, which is why we made sure that all aspects of the solution (architecture, data consistency and protection and management components) complied with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In time for peak season

IDEMIA’s ABC solution went live in May 2018, just in time for Norway’s peak season, providing Avinor Oslo Airport with the most advanced automated border control solution in Europe. It has the best-in-class biometric capture and matching system, a cutting-edge anti-spoofing technique and its privacy components are compliant with the latest European legislation.

The new solution has helped Avinor Oslo Airport welcome passengers warmly on arrival and bid them a friendly farewell on departure, a great change that’s been a long time coming.

A first in Europe

The growth in tourism increased airport queues, much to the discomfort of passengers. Avinor realised this very quickly and teamed up with IDEMIA to introduce the most advanced automated border control (ABC) solution on the market.

Avinor Oslo Airport is the first in Europe to use IDEMIA’s advanced biometric ABC solution that features walk-through facial recognition technology. This eliminates queues and improves the overall airport experience for both passengers and border agents.

The new system replaced the four outdated eGates at arrivals with 12 new arrival eGates and expanded the airport’s ABC capabilities with nine brand-new departure eGates.

“The increase in passengers and more importantly the growing demand for a convenient travel experience are pushing airports towards a new paradigm. Choosing the most advanced solution on the market, Avinor Oslo Airport reinvented the passenger journey by offering a safe and seamless experience. IDEMIA is proud to partner with Avinor Oslo Airport and we’re looking forward to stepping into the new world of travel,” said Philippe Barreau, IDEMIA Executive Vice President – in charge of Public Security and Identity.

A better experience

Capturing the biometrics of people on the move – without slowing them down – has long been a challenge. There’s no better place to solve this problem than in airports, where long queues can lead to costly delays.

Creating a better experience is precisely what our biometric ABC solution is about. By integrating our advanced walk-through facial recognition technology MFACE, we significantly speed up passenger clearance and increase security with embedded anti-spoofing capabilities. Not only is MFACE easy to use, but it’s also easy to maintain, as it has no moving parts, which significantly decreases downtime. It uses no additional face lights, guaranteeing a more pleasant traveller experience. Due to its small footprint, border agents are able to maintain an unobstructed view of the eGates at all times.

Our system is integrated into the airport’s existing IT infrastructure, allowing border agents to interface directly with local, national, European and international immigration and traveller databases. A customised monitoring station delivers automatic alerts with people of interest and other potential risks.

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