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Whitepaper: Off aerodrome reporting software

15 September 2016  •  Author(s): Scarecrow Group Limited

Whitepaper: Off aerodrome reporting softwareWithin the world of aviation, there is much written and said by numerous and various stakeholders relating to the important issue of attempting to prevent wildlife/bird strike at aerodromes.

Naturally, much of the focus is centred on the aerodrome itself; however, in line with the International Civil Aviation organisation’s (ICAO) recommended best practices, the focus should include areas in the vicinity of the aerodrome, as well as birds that over fly not only the airport, but also the approach and climb out areas.

Such process should include a collection and analysis of data to properly assess the hazard, in order to then develop mitigating proactive and reactive measures for risk reduction – this would include liaison with non airport agencies and local landowners, together with owners of “further afield” higher risk sites (e.g. land fill sites) to ensure the airport operator is aware of developments that may contribute to increasing the hazard.

It stands to reason therefore that in addition to pro-active management of the risk on the aerodrome, off airfield monitoring of bird species and behaviour should occur to include such things like species, volumes, flight lines etc.

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