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Final Call with Andreas Delhusen, DHF Airport Systems

24 May 2016  •  Author(s): Andreas Delhusen, President and CEO of Swedish software solutions provider, DHF Airport Systems

Andreas Delhusen, President and CEO of Swedish software solutions provider, DHF Airport Systems, reveals the innovative Airport Fault Detection System (AFDS) and how it can contribute to airport disruption management.

Today’s airports are continuously focusing on IT and ‘smart’ technologies to help improve infrastructure, relieve capacity issues and enhance passenger processing, operational efficiency, and baggage handling. DHF’s software for alarm management in critical airport systems and processes can substantially support airports and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to improve the performance of various airport systems.

“Compared to alternative alarm management solutions, DHF’s technology is disruptive in the way that it, based on unique algorithms, offers a new set of additional values resulting in a better and a more affordable solution for airports and ANSPs,” says President and CEO of DHF, Andreas Delhusen. “DHF’s AFDS is the only software on the market able to identify 100% of any possible root faults and filtrate them from any consequential faults. The main benefit and business case for the AFDS is radically reduced downtime which optimises airport operations especially during peak hours and on peak days. It can also contribute to substantial environmental benefits.”

The solution can monitor and perform alarm analysis in everything from standalone airport systems to centrally monitoring all critical systems at an airport. The AFDS is also designed to enable staff in operational areas to access data by mobile and hand devices…

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