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New poll suggests two thirds of London councillors support Gatwick expansion

14 April 2016  •  Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Results of a YouGov poll reveal nearly two thirds of London councillors support Gatwick expansion.

New poll suggests two thirds of London councillors support Gatwick expansion

A YouGov survey published on 13th April has revealed 62 percent of London councillors are in support of Gatwick expansion compared to 38 percent for Heathrow. The results follow on from a separate YouGov poll which suggests 44 percent of London residents would choose Gatwick as the preferred choice compared to 35 percent in favour of Heathrow.

Poll results: 62% of London councillors in favour of Gatwick expansion but 42 percent believe Heathrow offers greater economic benefit to the UK

Reacting to the results, Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO said: “After decades of delay, Londoners recognise that Gatwick expansion can actually happen and that it is time to finally close the book on Heathrow’s plans. The UK cannot afford years of more delay so let’s get on and build a new runway for Britain at the only airport that can deliver it.”

“Air quality is a crucial issue for London so it is no surprise to see continued strong support for Gatwick expansion and real concern around Heathrow’s impact.”

Councillors were also asked for their views in seven areas central to the debate. The results are displayed below:

Negative impacts on local residents:      
Gatwick 58%/ Heathrow 14%
Built at lowest cost to taxpayer:              
Gatwick 47%/ Heathrow 20%
Competition between airports & airlines:
Gatwick 49%/ Heathrow 22%
How quickly runway can be delivered:  
Gatwick 47%/ Heathrow 23%
Regeneration of local area:                      
Gatwick 43%/ Heathrow 25%
Certainty of delivery:                                  
Gatwick 42%/ Heathrow 25%
Economic benefit to UK                            
Gatwick 28%/ Heathrow 42%

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