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Latest poll puts Gatwick 12 points ahead in airport expansion debate

7 March 2016  •  Author: Katie Sadler, Digital Content Producer, International Airport Review

Results of the latest YouGov poll puts Gatwick 12 points ahead of Heathrow in the south east airport expansion debate.

Latest poll puts Gatwick 12 points ahead in the airport expansion debate

Gatwick Airport has gained a 12 lead ahead of Heathrow Airport, according to a recent poll put to Londoners on their preferred airport for expansion.

Results reveal Gatwick was the preferred choice for 46 percent of respondents while Heathrow was the preferred choice for 34 percent.  The poll was carried out between 23rd and 26th February 2016 and surveyed 1088 adults living in the London area.

Gatwick scores highly on environment, cost for taxpayers and delivery but fallS short on benefits to the UK economy

The poll also revealed that the negative impact on quality of life for local residents (including noise and air pollution) was still the top concern for Londoners.

Results of the YouGov airport expansion poll:

Areas of question



Negative impact on quality of life for residents



Encouraging vigorous competition



Built at lowest cost to taxpayers



How quickly a new runway could be delivered



Certainty new runway can be delivered



Economic benefits to UK



Stewart Wingate, Gatwick Chief Executive, said: “Time after time Londoners say Gatwick expansion is best for the environment, for the taxpayer, regeneration, competition and for speed of delivery. These very same Londoners would be forced to live with illegal air quality levels if Heathrow expands – so their views need to be taken seriously. “

“Momentum is with Gatwick as more people recognise it is the only solution that balances the economy and the environment. It is also the only plan that is actually legal, so if we want Britain to get on with it the answer is obvious.”

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