Case Study: Introducing Virtual Queuing to the U.S. with Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


5 January 2023



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SEA uses their Virtual Queuing solution to nudge passengers to arrive at pre-defined time slots and at pre-selected check points. By targeting appointments on specific flights, where a changed behavior has the greatest impact, they have managed to reduce wait times and flattened peaks.

Virtual Queuing is the newest and most innovative solution to increase the efficiency of airport operations while providing a more seamless passenger experience. It will enable airports to reduce wait times, improve the passenger satisfaction, and increase non-aeronautical revenue. By letting passengers schedule their arrival at the airport, SEA has not only managed to shave peaks and
load balance their passenger flows. They have also let passengers take control of their journey, from home
to gate, giving them predictability of their journey and removing uncertainties.

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