Digital boardroom executive report: Airport recovery series



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Read this exclusive free report from our latest closed-door digital boardroom for C-level airport executives.

This executive report delves into strategic focus areas for airports, immediate and future challenges, identified areas of opportunity, and the next steps for the industry as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Login or register to read the report for free.

The aviation industry has been through, and is still experiencing, a very difficult time. With the pandemic hitting the aviation business, airport operators were forced to rethink their business model. New revenue streams must be rebuilt, and new ways of cost reduction should be deployed, while offering better passenger experiences and integrating different stakeholders needs and expectations.

What has been evident from International Airport Review‘s third digital boardroom is that the goal is clear: airports need to become more flexible and dynamic to pivot in the case of another global crisis such as a pandemic. Operational flexibility will be the key to the aviation industry surviving in the event of another catastrophe.

International Airport Review has created this exclusive report following a closed-door digital boardroom attended by 13 C-level airport executives discussing the high priority items on their agenda.

This report is brought to you in partnership with Honeywell.

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