Digital boardroom executive report: Airport recovery series

Published: 18 November 2021

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This executive report in our airport recovery series delves into airport priorities for the future; the main challenges they are facing; preparing for the restart of global air travel; digitalisation and future trends that airport leaders foresee emerging. Login or register to read the report for free.

In our second digital boardroom we hosted a select few C-level airport leaders in a closed-room format. Throughout these discussions, we have seen that there is a willingness from airports to adapt their airport experience to welcome back passengers and facilitate safe travel. However, they are frustrated by the unpredictable changes to regulations which fans the flames of uncertainty in the public, which in turn only creates barriers to travel and undermines their own efforts to instil confidence. The attendees also reiterated the general public’s perception of the aviation industry as being a super-spreader of the COVID-19 virus. An image that they keenly wish to do away with.

International Airport Review has created this exclusive report following a closed-door digital boardroom attended by 13 C-level airport executives discussing the high priority items on their agenda.

This report is brought to you in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services.

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