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Company Description

At DronEvolution, our vision is to make people safer and organisations better. This is achieved through the provision of both UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services and by developing evolutionary products that solve challenges. Our focus is on solving common challenges, particularly in the transport, infrastructure and security industries.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, DronEvolution was born from the drone clients saying to us “If only it could stay in the air for longer” or “if only it wasn’t so easily stolen”.

We therefore made the decision to focus mainly on tethered drones. Using this technology, the drone can be powered via the tether and therefore can fly for as long as needed. The drone is not subject to the ease of loss that standard free-flying drones are.

We are developing a unique tethered drone that can provide surveillance of a wide area but also provide defence against incoming drones. It will be able to provide a wealth of data depending on the needs of the client – thermal imaging, facial recognition and foreign object detection (FOD) amongst others.

Company Information

Year of foundation: 2018

Number of employees:  3

Annual Turnover: 2018

Investor Information

£250,000 raised for first year – a combination of an Angel Investment Syndicate and the Development Bank of Wales