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ICAO Friction Task Force



Friction testing through the years

8 December 2011 | By Armann Norheim, Leader of the ICAO Friction Task Force (FTF)

The history of the world includes many well known inventions which have had a significant influence on technological developments. One of these is the Dynamometer, a device used for measuring force, moment of force (torque) and power. Dynamometers have been a vital and necessary component in instruments that can identify…


ICAO – Regulators – Friction issues

16 July 2009 | By Armann Norheim, Advisor for Avinor & Leader, ICAO Friction Task Force

Reporting the conditions of the critical tyre/surface in a way relevant to aircraft performance has been a long sought goal. There have been a lot of challenges for the aviation industry since the first reporting systems emerged and the regulating bodies have their role to play in achieving the goal…