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Georgia Institute of Technology



Passenger Flow: Reducing ramp delay

14 August 2013 | By John-Paul Clarke, Eric Feron and Sang Hyun Kim, Georgia Institute of Technology

Passenger time and ramp delay can be significantly minimised by assigning airport gates. John-Paul Clarke, Eric Feron and Sang Hyun Kim from the Georgia Institute of Technology reveal the findings of their research into this important subject Airport gates are valuable resources because they are the portals through which passengers…


Dealing with the airport and its environment

1 October 2010 | By Hamsa Balakrishnan, John-Paul Clarke, Eric Feron, and Marc Pélegrin

Airport infrastructure capacity is rapidly being approached in many cities around the world. Environmental factors, such as acoustic and chemical emissions, are increasingly less tolerated by neighbouring communities. The net result is that new means must be found that deliver more aircraft to the airspace with less environmental impact on…