ADPI will design and supervise expansion of Bahrain International Airport

Posted: 3 February 2014 | Aéroports de Paris

Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie has won a new contract to oversee the modernisation and expansion of Bahrain International Airport and to map out its future…

Aeroports de Paris

ADPI (Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris, has won a new contract to oversee the modernisation and expansion of Bahrain International Airport and to map out its future.

Following an international call for tenders, ADPI was selected by the Bahrain transport ministry and the airport operator, Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), to fulfil two missions:

  • conduct all studies on the development of the airport over the next twenty years. This includes determining airport functional zones, performing related financial assessments, and evaluating traffic and environmental impact, as well as providing preliminary specifications for work on associated infrastructure, roads, and utility connections. The design studies must allow the development and adaptation of the airport site to future growth as well as the possible relocation of activities to a new airport with greater capacity in some twenty years;
  • design and supervise construction of a new passenger terminal of more than 150.000 sqm, based on the initial findings of the master plan studies.

These missions will be carried out over a five-year period and are expected to generate around €25 million in revenue for ADPI. Construction of the new terminal should begin in late 2014 and be completed in late 2018.

Bahrain International Airport is the home base of Gulf Air and receives 9 million passengers a year. After an initial expansion phase, the airport will be able to receive 13 million passengers.

According to Guillaume Sauvé, CEO of ADPI:

“The international airport is of fundamental importance to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Over the last few decades, the kingdom, whose history ties it to the great Mesopotamian civilizations, has become a major centre for finance and trading.

Valued at over half a billion euros, this initial phase of airport modernisation is considered to be the largest Bahraini project now under way. Therefore, this is a major contract for ADPI whose expertise in architecture and engineering is well recognized in this part of the world because of the many achievements we have worked on.”

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