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Issue 6 2009



British Airways at T5 – minimising environmental impact

11 December 2009 | By Jonathon Counsell, Head of Environment, British Airways

Home to some 92% of British Airways' Heathrow flights, BAA and British Airways have worked in partnership to improve the environmental performance of the airport's ground handling operation...


The continuing rise of continuous descents

11 December 2009 | By David McMillan, Director General, EUROCONTROL

Continuous Descent Approaches (CDA) are on the rise: March 2009 marked the launch of the European Joint Industry CDA Action Plan, backed by IATA, CANSO, ACI-EUROPE and EUROCONTROL1. Since then, according to EUROCONTROL's CDA Implementation Support Team, implementation progress has been non-stop. Why are CDAs gathering this momentum?


Taxiway Resurfacing – A night in the life of Taxiway Alpha

11 December 2009 | By Derek Provan, Operations Director, Glasgow International Airport

The time, 21.45, the date, 19th October 2009. The project report forecast informs me that the team will take possession of the taxiway at 22.00, one hour ahead of plan. The weather, dry, 9-11 degrees Celsius, with light to moderate winds. Details of the planned civils, electrical and asphalting works…


Frankfurt strengthens its position as a super-hub

11 December 2009 | By Dr. Stefan Schulte, CEO, Fraport AG

Fraport expects to spend a huge €7 billion by 2015 to ensure Frankfurt airport strengthens its position as a leading global hub. In the competitive European airport business, Fraport, which owns and operates Frankfurt airport, has put in place a series of initiatives to make sure it can deliver a…


Aéroports de Paris gearing towards top-notch quality of service

11 December 2009 | By Pierre Graff, Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris

On 14 March 1974, Aéroports de Paris welcomed its first passengers to Terminal 1 at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. This event marked the opening of the airport, which has since become the world's 5th largest by passenger volume, and Europe's most powerful hub.


Boosting innovation

11 December 2009 | By Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission

The aviation industry is faced with many challenges that will need to be overcome if it is to remain sustainable. Airlines and airports across Europe are finding it difficult to increase their capacity while cutting back costs and reducing the impact of aviation on the environment. This situation has been…


FAME / Airport aviation fuelling

11 December 2009 | By Michel Baljet, Assistant Director, Technical Fuel Services, IATA

In an effort to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases, and to increase fuel supply security, biofuel mandates have become increasingly prevalent. Existing legislation includes Directive 2003/30/EC of the European Parliament, the Energy Independence and Security Act (US), and the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (US). In addition, Canadian provincial governments have…


Implementation Strategies & Methodologies for Airport Openings

11 December 2009 | By George Saounatsos, Manager for Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT), YVRAS/Hermes Airports Ltd.

This article introduces the principles and methodologies used in the successful and timely opening of new airport facilities, as implemented on the island of Cyprus in the 7.5-million annual passenger capacity Larnaka International Airport (LCA) in 2009 and the 3-million capacity Pafos International Airport (PFO) in 2008.


Increased capacity, increased efficiency

11 December 2009 | By Dr. Francisco Severino, Lisbon Airport Director

Located on the Atlantic coast, at the western edge of Europe, Lisbon Airport is the ideal gateway for the growing traffic between Brazil, Africa and Europe. In 2008, Lisbon Airport handled 13.6 million passengers, almost 145 thousand landings and take-offs and more than 80 thousand tonnes of cargo. A 380…


BUD Future: Creating a landmark for Budapest

11 December 2009 | By Jost Lammers, CEO of Budapest Airport

A new high-tech terminal building, a vastly extended apron, a new on-airport hotel and the development of a cargo city. These are just the main features of a five-year development plan at Budapest International Airport that will reach 261 million Euros altogether. Ground works have already started last year and…