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Issue 5 2011



The value of slot allocation

5 October 2011 | By Mike Ambrose, Director General of the European Regional Airlines Association

The future economic and social wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of European citizens living in the EU’s peripheral and regional communities will be put at risk if certain theoretical economists convince the European Commission of the need to revise the existing airport slot allocation regulation. There is no denying that…


Absorbing the skies

5 October 2011 | By William Shea, Former FAA Associate Administrator

World wide travel continues to grow and continues to exceed all growth forecasts. To accommodate this upturn it is essential for the expansion of new airports. This fact is magnified somewhat in America where before long we will see one billion passengers departing from U.S. airports. China, as a contrast,…


The Munich way

5 October 2011 | By Dr. Michael Kerkloh, CEO of Munich Airport

Our editorial board members form an important part of our publication. Offering insight and knowledge, they contribute comment on the issues that are shaping the market. In the first of a regular feature we interview each board member to find out more about them and how their role is having…


Controlling Sydney – Every movement matters, every second counts

5 October 2011 | By Jason Harfield, General Manager Air Traffic Control Group, Airservices Australia

The Australian Government’s 2009 National Aviation Policy White Paper, ‘Flight Path to the Future’, outlined Australian aviation’s contribution of more than half a million jobs and $6.3 billion to the national economy. But constraints at busy gateway airports such as Sydney, particularly during peak traffic periods, have the potential to…


The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM)

5 October 2011 | By Eduard Porosnicu, Senior AIM specialist and Digital NOTAM Project Manager at EUROCONTROL

The future Air Traffic Management (ATM) system will rely on advanced data exchange and data sharing services that communicate aeronautical information (infrastructure, route network, aerodrome, terrain, obstacle data) into the operational activities on the ground and in the air. The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) is a specification that enables…


Security meets customer service in Canada

5 October 2011 | By Yves Duguay, Senior Vice-President, Operations and Customer Experience, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

The next time you pass through security at a major Canadian airport, you may find the queues moving a little faster than usual. That’s because the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) is making a number of innovative improvements to the security screening process for a better passenger experience. The…


Achieving effective ARFF in a challenging economy

5 October 2011 | By Jack Kreckie, Regulatory Affairs Officer at the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Working Group (ARFFWG)

Aviation is perhaps one of the most difficult businesses to maintain profitability in today’s struggling economy. The industry has seen dozens of carriers come and go. In recent years, even the legacy carriers have found themselves trying to recover from bankruptcy, sometimes merging with their competition as a means of…


The industry’s greatest threat?

5 October 2011 | By Andy Baxter, Bird Management Unit, the UK Food and Environment Agency (FERA)

Flight 1549, ‘The miracle on the Hudson’ brought the risks aircraft face from birdstrikes to a worldwide audience. For those involved in managing this risk, it merely re-confirmed the potentially catastrophic consequences such events can have. Birdstrikes are not an uncommon feature of air travel. Thousands of events occur around…


The paperless revolution at Schiphol

5 October 2011 | By Saskia van Pelt, Business Development Director, Schiphol Cargo

Many aspects of the air cargo industry have changed beyond recognition in recent years. But one area which has stubbornly resisted change is the continuing reliance on paper processes.


Greener skies

5 October 2011 | By Eric Dautriat, Executive Director of Clean Sky

Clean Sky is the most ambitious aeronautical research programme ever launched in Europe. Its mission is to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of airplanes and air transport, resulting in less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft, hence making a key contribution to achieving the Single European…


The value of local runway safety teams versus technology

5 October 2011 | By Paul Wilson, Head of Air Traffic Management, EUROCONTROL and Yvonne Page, Project Manager of Runway Safety at EUROCONTROL

Today there are a number of diverse technologies available to aid operational staff in their work to prevent runway incursions and excursions and assure runway safety. The kinds of technologies we refer to include systems for air traffic controllers, pilots and manoeuvring area vehicle drivers and provide an alert that…


Connecting India

5 October 2011 | By Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital and most popular city in India. Capital of the state of Maharashtra and home to 20 million people, diversity and vibrancy display the city’s true personality. With its diverse set of people, Mumbai is the home ground for many reputed enterprises and organisations. Mumbai is…


Canada worldwide

5 October 2011 | By Karen Medweth, Director of Air Service Development and Marketing, John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, which serves a catchment area with a population comparative to Greater London, is surrounded by a booming industrial growth area and along with its own regional natural attractions, is just an hour’s drive to one of the world’s most famous sites, Niagara Falls. Driving…


Let it snow

5 October 2011 | By Hanspeter Moll, Head of Airfield Maintenance and Winter Operations, Zurich Airport

In over 60 years of operation, Zurich Airport has never had to be closed down because of snow – a fact the airport is immensely proud of. Last year Several European airports fought harsh winter weather conditions and some hubs – such as Frankfurt and London Heathrow – had to…