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Issue 4 2005



Planning for the 21st Century

25 November 2005 | By Hanan Sayed Worrell, Manager of projects, SCADIA

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will soon deliver a massive expansion of airport capacity with far less difficulty and in a more cost-effective manner than other comparable airports in the region and around the world.


Heathrow prepares for the A380

25 November 2005 | By Steve Elliott, Head of Projects, Heathrow Airport, BAA

Heathrow will welcome the A380 into service next year, and in this article its had of projects discusses the modifications carried out to make this possible.


Winter optimisation

25 November 2005 | By Thomas Torsten-Meyer and Henning Pfisterer, Vice President Airport Operations and Duty Officer, Manager of Airport Safety, Munich Airport

Controlling ice and snow in major hub operations is an increasingly challenging task. In this article, Munich Airport reveals what it takes to remain open through the winter months.


Airfield training

25 November 2005 | By Stephen M. Quilty, A.A.E., Professor – Aviation Studies, Bowling Green, State University, Ohio, USA

The effective operation of any airport depends on the efficacy of its personnel and in this article Professor Quilty discusses the value of properly trained airport personnel.


Checkpoints – are we there yet?

25 November 2005 | By Norman Shanks, Principal Partner, Norman Shanks Associates International

Despite enhancements since 9/11, recognition is growing that work remains to be done before the level of security desired for passengers and their carry on baggage is reached.


Signs of satisfaction

25 November 2005 | By Paul Mijksenaar, Principal, Bureau Mijksenaar

In this article, wayfinding expert Paul Mijksenaar shares some of the key concepts and ideas that are shaping people’s routes around airports all over the world.


A380 GSE requirements

25 November 2005 | By Jose Francisco Cerdó Cuesta and Dr. Thilo Stilp, Ground Operations Senior Engineer, Manager Ground Operations & Environment, Airbus A-380 Programme

Airbus’ collaborative approach is helping introduce into service the world’s largest commercial airliner.


Managing movement

25 November 2005 | By Michael Roeder, Project Manager, EMMA, German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

With airport capacity expected to become the major bottleneck in the future, the optimal usage of existing infrastructure is increasingly becoming a must, writes Michael Roeder.


Pavement discussions

25 November 2005 | By Adrian van Leest and Marc Stet, CROW and KOAC-NPC

A report from this year’s European Pavement Workshop from the organisers.


Navigating storms

25 November 2005 | By John P. Heimlich, Vice President and Chief Economist, ATA

In this article, John Heimlich presents his viewpoint on the economic pressures currently affecting the aviation industry in North America.


Better planning for emergencies

25 November 2005 | By John Goglia, Professor of Aviation Science, Saint Louis University

John Goglia reports from his unique perspective on the outcomes of Operation Atlas, the largest drill conducted in the world to date designed to show how airport and security forces cope with a terror attack.


Ground level coordination

25 November 2005 | By Ben Sampson

The state of play on the ramps and aprons of the world’s airports reflects the state of the industry in general, airline efficiency and advances in technology.


Contours of Asian tourism

25 November 2005 | By Peter A. Semone, Vice President, Business Development, Pacific Asia Travel Association

Today, writes Peter Semone, Asia represents one of the planet’s hottest tourism destinations and one of the least understood source markets for the world’s premier destinations.