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Issue 3 2011



European ATM – Everything is changing

10 June 2011 | By Bo Redeborn, Principal Director of Air Traffic Management at Eurocontrol

Europe’s civil air transport industry will face tougher performance levels when the Single European Sky (SES) II performance scheme, set by the European Commission, is introduced in 2012. Although exempted from the first (three year) reporting period, ground operations will eventually see safety, efficiency and environmental targets applied, with airports…


Hub traffic management at Munich Airport

10 June 2011 | By Ingo Anspach, Head of Press Department and Communications at Munich Airport

At Munich Airport a total workforce of 30,000 employees with more than 500 companies ensure that more than 390,000 take-offs and landings with 35 million passengers can be handled every year. A decisive factor in the quality of the passenger experience and comfort at Europe’s seventh largest airport is the…


Maintaining friction

10 June 2011 | By Armann Norheim, Leader of the IATA Friction Task Force (FTF)

In railroad engineering, the factor of adhesion of a locomotive is the weight on the driving wheels divided by the ‘starting tractive effort’. Adding extra power serves no purpose since there is not enough traction (adhesion, friction) to create useful work. The factor of adhesion which is 25% of the…


From words to results on global aviation security

10 June 2011 | By Jim Marriott, Chief of Aviation Security at ICAO

The Declaration on Aviation Security adopted unanimously by the 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly last year set the stage for continuing improvements in how threats to the security of aircraft and facilities worldwide will be dealt with in the future. The catalyst was the attempted bombing of a commercial…


Oslo plays it cool

10 June 2011 | By Henning Bråtebæk, Director of Airport Services, Oslo Airport

Despite a total of 1.58 metres of snow this winter, Oslo Airport (OSL) achieved a punctuality rate of 80%. Efficient and productive snow clearing techniques are essential for the smooth operation of Norway’s main airport. Because of its continental climate, Oslo Gardermoen receives more than its fair share of snow,…


Innovation at Munich

10 June 2011 | By Michael Zaddach, Vice President for IT and Communication Systems at Munich Airport

Munich Airport's IT Services Division is establishing an identity as a driver of innovation, and is developing next-generation software that is setting standards in the industry. Bucking the general trend, and resisting the prevailing outsourcing philosophy, CIO Michael Zaddach is relentless in getting new products onto the market. He is…


From the car park to the aircraft

10 June 2011 | By Fraser Brown, Head of Travel Services at Heathrow Airport

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the feeling of sitting back in your seat as the plane engines roar to life beneath you and you feel the thrill of acceleration for take-off. Last year alone, 66 million passengers experienced that feeling at Heathrow. With over 180 destinations worldwide, it…


LAX: Leading the way into the future of aviation

10 June 2011 | By Roger A. Johnson, Deputy Executive Director, Airports Development Group, Los Angeles World Airports

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is poised to regain the spotlight as one of the leading airports in the world thanks to an unprecedented level of construction not seen since the 1984 Olympic Games. Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), a department within the City of Los Angeles, which operates LAX…


Performance based navigation and a harmonised sky

10 June 2011 | By Steve Fulton, Technical Fellow at GE Aviation

Air traffic is expected to nearly double during the next two decades, raising public concern over not only the environmental impact but also how airspace capacity around airports will need to increase. This latter aspect also raises concerns over increased noise pollution and emissions around airports. In addition, industry has…