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Issue 2 2011



The Single European Sky (SES) – “Just do it!”

11 April 2011 | By Guenter Martis, Director European Affairs, CANSO

The agreement of European Union Member States on the Single European Sky (SES) marked a political solution to an inefficient and expensive European Air Transport System. Officially launched in March 2004, SES aims towards ambitious goals: cutting the cost of flying by half, decreasing by 10% the environmental impact of…


NextGen implementation will benefit airports

11 April 2011 | By Dr. Michael C. Romanowski, Director, NextGen Integration and Implementation, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Implementation of the United States’ Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) is a highly orchestrated initiative, requiring close collaboration with the aviation community. By leveraging a strategy of incremental implementation with our stakeholders, NextGen capabilities are already emerging, providing benefits to airports, aircraft operators and the travelling public today. These…


Behind the scenes of a baggage handling system

11 April 2011 | By Michael Rumpf, Senior Project Consultant, Baggage Operations at Muscat and Salalah airports, Oman

When planning for a new BHS (Baggage Handling System) I recommend looking at your bags as if they were customers. Similar to a study on passenger profiles for a new terminal, an analysis of bags should be done. The dimensions, typical shapes, materials, per Pax ratio, even content will get…


A very special airport

11 April 2011 | By Talar Faiq Salih, Airport Director, Erbil International Airport

Security, progress, economic growth, achievement – these are all words, that sadly, many throughout the world have yet to associate with Iraq, but my hope is that when you have read through this article I may have changed your mind. In turn, you may, if you wish, quietly reprimand yourselves…


Flying into the future

11 April 2011 | By Thella F. Bowens, President/CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and First Chair of Airports Council International – North America

San Diego International Airport is served by 21 airlines and offers 213 daily nonstop flights to 48 destinations. It is owned and operated by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which was created on 1 January 2003. Successfully operating San Diego International Airport (SDIA) means balancing three imperatives; working…


70 years and no snow closure

11 April 2011 | By Craig Toomey, Canadian Freelance Business Writer

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport’s winter operations have kept the airport open regardless of weather conditions and become the envy of snowbound airports around the world. The winter of 2010-2011 will go down as one of the toughest ever for airports in Europe and North America. Heavy snow, ice storms…


Turin tradition

11 April 2011 | By Maurizio Montagnese, Chairman at Sagat Turin Airport

Turin Airport, of which SAGAT is the management company, features a modern, efficient and comfortable network of infrastructures able to offer users a range of forefront services. Links with the main European hubs of Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris and Rome make it possible to arrive…


An alternative way of thinking

11 April 2011 | By Mark Rumizen, Aviation Fuels Specialist in the Aircraft Certification Division, Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

In the early afternoon of 7 January, 2009, a Continental Airlines Boeing 737 airliner lifted off the tarmac of Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport with a blend of biofuel and conventional petroleum-derived fuel feeding one of its two CFM International jet engines...


The role of imaging technology

11 April 2011 | By Robin Kane, Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Administrator, Office of Security Technology at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is dedicated to protecting our Nation’s transportation systems and safeguarding the travelling public. We face an adaptive adversary who seeks vulnerabilities in our system and, as a result, TSA must employ new methods to stay ahead of evolving threats. Security technologies, such as Advanced Imaging…


Germany and beyond

11 April 2011 | By Dieter A. Heinz, President at GATE

Since 1992, GATE has been the German umbrella association for quality airport suppliers, enhancing worldwide the image of competence and reliability for its corporate members, encouraging cooperation and supporting strategic alliances. Since the wide body Aircraft came into service demanding new facilities on the ground, airport equipment companies have had…


Weather watching

11 April 2011 | By Doug Johnson, Head of Transport at the UK Met Office

The coldest December in 100 years brought into sharp focus the impact that weather can have on the UK’s airports. Across Europe and North America heavy snowfalls and ice brought airports more used to severe winter weather to a standstill. But in a warming world, changing weather patterns are potentially…


The cost of one bag

11 April 2011 | By Keith Spinks, Secretary General, European Travel Retail Council

The flying public have experienced huge changes in the air travel experience over the course of the last two decades. Most of those changes have been beneficial and welcomed by passengers such as improved facilities and lower prices. Other changes have been less accommodating, such as the introduction of charges…