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Issue 2 2009



Supporting aviation during the global economic downturn

31 March 2009 | By Jim Fitzpatrick MP, UK Aviation Minister

The transport industry has long been seen as a barometer of economic health. When times are good, we travel more and freight volumes grow. But when the economy weakens, transport is often among the first industrial sectors to feel the impact. It is unsurprising, therefore, that the unprecedented global economic…



31 March 2009 | By Steve Bradford, Chief Scientist for Architecture and NextGen Development, FAA

Airports play a critical role in the transformation of the nation's airspace system to the Next Generation Air Transportations System (NextGen). As we move toward NextGen, airports are serving as partners to the FAA in terms of rolling out new technologies and procedures, but they are also a focus for…


Taking aim at mishandling: IATA targets a 50% reduction in mishandled bags by 2012

31 March 2009 | By Andrew Price, Head of Baggage Improvement Programme (BIP), IATA

Although airlines get baggage right 98% of the time, mishandling costs the industry US$3.8 billion every year. Between 2005 and 2007 the number of mishandled baggage increased three times faster than passenger growth. In the EU the mishandlings rose 28% while passenger growth increased by 9%. In the USA, mishandled…


Fuel for thought

31 March 2009 | By Jeff Poole, Director of Industry Charges, Fuel and Taxation, IATA

An interview with Jeff Poole, Director of Industry Charges, Fuel and Taxation, IATA.


Winter operations at Munich Airport

31 March 2009 | By Alexander Hoffmann, Vice President, Airport Operations, Munich International Airport

Air traffic never stops - even under icy conditions and the heaviest snowfalls, operations continue despite inclement weather conditions. At Munich Airport, one rule never changes: safety comes first. Making sure that there is no danger to aircraft taxiing, taking off and landing at Munich Airport are the winter services…


Transforming the passenger experience

31 March 2009 | By Steve Morgan, Capital Director, BAA

With a £6billion investment programme underway, BAA has a very clear goal: to transform its airports for its airline customers and passengers. Working over seven airports, the capital programme will deliver world class facilities, more space for security and improved environmental performance.