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Issue 1 2005



Riga: The crossroads of The Baltic

16 March 2005 | By Dzintars Pomers CEO, Riga International Airport and Governing Board Member, ACI World

The wave of EU accession that has swept Riga International Airport into its position of enviable growth has not been secured complacently, but with constant development, careful planning and the continual innovation necessary to move on from its Soviet heritage, Riga Airport CEO Dzintars Pomers writes.


Eurocontrol and European airports

16 March 2005 | By Paul Wilson, Head of Airport Throughput Business Division, Eurocontrol

A recent and very detailed study by Eurocontrol into the evolution of traffic demand revealed some significant information for airports. Known as the Challenges to Growth 2004 Study, this work updated a previous report that was completed in 2001.


Moving to mainstream

16 March 2005 | By Jonathan Esslinger, P.E., F.ASCE, Director, Transportation and Development Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers

Pedestrian districts free of dangerous street traffic and environmental threats. Special taxi, parcel delivery and car-sharing services. Comfortable high density living. Given that mass transit only satisfies 2% of urban travel in the U.S., such visions are difficult.


Fixing the aviation value system

16 March 2005 | By Alexander ter Kuile Secretary General, CANSO (Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation)

Liberalisation of sections of the aviation industry has encouraged development, but with the effectiveness of the ATM sector continuing to be hampered by government control, CANSO argues that a clear separation between the service providers and the regulators would benefit all.


An introduction to China’s airports

16 March 2005 | By JF Pearson, China

As China continues to establish itself in the global market place, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the country’s transportation network must match its booming market in order for growth to continue.


Liège Airport – plans with wings

16 March 2005 | By Luc Partoune Managing Director, Liège Airport

323 tonnes of freight handled in 1994 / 380,000 tonnes in 2004. These statistics illustrate the success of Liège Airport’s strategy and, according to Luc Partoune, Managing Director of Liège Airport, this is only the beginning; armed with a number of development plans management team SAB have set their sights…


A roadmap to better security

16 March 2005 | By International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

ICAO’s approach to aviation security continues to involve the monitoring of Annex 17 compliance alongside AVSEC training, whilst assisting with the implementation of new technologies to improve security and efficiency.


Facing the fuel efficiency challenge

16 March 2005 | By Ravin Appadoo, Assistant Director, IATA Fuel Services

Improving fuel efficiency is one of the greatest challenges for the aviation industry – and airports have their role to play in achieving the goal for more efficient air travel, writes Ravin Appadoo.


Ground lighting at LGW

16 March 2005 | By Tim Hardy, General Manager Airside, BAA Gatwick

London Gatwick is the world’s busiest single runway airport in the world and therefore values the smooth running and maintenance of its lighting systems, writes Tim Hardy.


The IRFI – ready for the real world?

16 March 2005 | By Angelo Boccanfuso, Senior Development Officer (R&D), Transportation Development Centre, Transport Canada

The development of an international runway friction index is a testament to international cooperation within the aviation industry. Now with most technical milestones passed, Angelo Boccanfuso reports from the latest IMAPCR that further consensus on practical implementation and funding are now needed.


Implementing SMS in Germany

16 March 2005 | By Henning Pfisterer, Airport Safety Manager and Airport Duty Officer, Munich International Airport

With the November 2005 date looming for meeting ICAO’s requirement for the implementation of SMS, Henning Pfisterer of Munich Airport gives an update on how the Germany airport industry is fulfilling these requirements.


An approach to using biometric technologies

16 March 2005 | By Keith Rhodes, Chief Technologist, U.S. Government Accountability Office and Richard Hung  Assistant Director, Centre for Technology and Engineering

Biometric technologies offer the future of security technology, but integrating cutting-edge technology alone may not automatically solve all your security problems. Here U.S. Government experts offer an approach that may help.


Handling the Olympics

16 March 2005 | By Michael Rumpf, Head of Baggage Handling Services, Athens International Airport (AIA)

According to the head of baggage handling at AIA, the immense demands placed on the baggage handling services during the 2004 Olympics prompted some unconventional solutions.


Accessible aircraft boarding

16 March 2005 | By Dr. Katharine Hunter-Zaworski, PE, Director of the National Center for Accessible Transportation

Although great strides have been made in the area of increasing accessibility to transport, it remains difficult for many people with disabilities to utilise air transport. The National Centre for Accessible Transportation (NCAT) aims to make air travel more pleasant, efficient and dignified for travellers, both with and without disabilities,…


Orchestrating airport operation

16 March 2005 | By Andrea Baroni, Head of Airport Operations, Unique and Jürgen Weder, Partner, Neuropie Consulting

How web-based application software is helping the airport operator Unique to carry out its management role at Zurich Airport.