IATA baggage related webinars


IATA prioritises RFID for baggage tracking across the industry

This webinar was an introduction to the IATA RFID priority, including RFID benefits, the IATA RFID roadmap and the IATA standard for RFID.

It covered why IATA decided to move forward with RFID as the best mechanism for airlines to adopt Resolution 753 on baggage tracking and for the industry to address passengers’ expectations and reduce baggage mishandling, driven by the concern that the continued use of barcode-only infrastructure presents a restriction to the anticipated baggage growth (which is expected to double) in the next decade.

Implementing RFID in baggage operations

Following on from the first webinar of this series, which introduced the IATA RFID priority, this session will focus on adopting and implementing RFID in baggage handling.

Participants will be given some practical tools and resources to explore using RFID as a tracking solution for their operations and will be given the opportunity to learn from what others in the industry are doing.

Modern baggage messaging standards

This webinar guided participants through the basics of modern baggage messaging standards and give them some practical tools and resources allowing them to explore the IATA standards for baggage XML.

An airline actively involved in the developments of these standards shared what drove them to move away from the current messaging standards, which have been in place since 1985. They shared how they have implemented the modern baggage messaging standards in their live operations before going through their implementation stages and the results they obtained, in addition to the challenges they met along the way and the lessons they want to share with the industry.

RFID and modern baggage messaging: Where we are and what’s next

To conclude IATA’s 2019 webinar series dedicated to baggage tracking, RFID and modern baggage messaging, this last session focused on where the industry is at and what can be expected as we move towards 2020.

Participants were given an overview of the important milestones achieved in 2019, which notably included an RFID and modern baggage messaging resolution, new activities and resources developed by IATA to support adoption and positive developments within the industry.