ArgosAI Teknoloji A.S

Universiteler Mah.
Ihsan Dogramacı Bulv.
ODTU Teknokent KOSGEB Tekmer
No:112 Cankaya

+90 312 210 1300/113


ArgosAI focused on developing high-performance products and services aimed to significantly increase the efficiency and decrease the crash risk and the huge cost due to FOD in the aviation industry. ArgosAI has strong expertise on computer vision and machine learning which are highly complex “Artificial Intelligence” based technologies. It has been established by four entrepreneurs. Two of them have strong academic background on Computer Vision – Image Processing & Analysis, Deep Learning & Machine Learning and they worked in special projects for aviation sector and R&D sectors more than 15 years. Two of the founders have deep executive management experience and they worked in many reputable companies as a Project Manager, General Manager and Board Members more than 20 years. Company has a strong team whose academic and engineering backgrounds are profound. The team involves experts with 8 patents in the field which includes A-FOD.

ArgosAI has been granted and awarded with various grants and incentives such as Seal of Excellence by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020. ArgosAI won Phase 1 in Horizon 2020 and awarded with seal of excellence for Phase 2. Recently, AI based technology of ArgosAI has also been awarded with the Grand Prize within its category by the commission of TÜBİTAK, TÜSİAD and TTGV. The award is called “Türkiye Teknoloji Ödülleri” which is the most prestigious technology award in Turkey.

A-FOD, flagship product of ArgosAI, is a complete runway management system. It is running in Alanya Gazipaşa International Airport. A-FOD APRON is an automatic stand area surveillance system.
ArgosAI also adopts its technology in different sectors. Automated Surface Inspection for Quality Assurance in Textile Industry, Gridline Health Monitoring for Energy Distribution Sector and Drone Detection for Prison and Special Buildings are the ongoing projects.
Why A-FOD Solution is needed:
FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is a very big problem in aviation industry. Automatic FOD Detection Systems are very new for the market all over the world.
To see the importance of FOD please check the FAA link:
A-FOD is used for runways, heliports and aprons. A-FOD is state of the art technology which uses Electro Optical Sensors and Artificial Intelligence. Besides FOD detection, extra functions are Pavement Management, Snow-Ice Management and Wildlife Management.
A-FOD saves costs of field operation and prevents any interruption on runway/apron operation.