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You want to detect and track drones – small objects which traditional radar can’t see. And even if you’ve managed to find a radar which can see small objects, it’s unlikely it can tell birds apart from drones.

At Robin Radar Systems, we’ve specialised in detecting and tracking small objects for 33 years. Birds actually. And even though we started with tracking birds, we validated our data with drones, in order to prove our radar tracking accuracy.

So we’re in a unique position, with a wealth of experience, to detect, track, and classify (read separate) birds from drones. And that’s exactly what we’ve built ELVIRA® to do.

Where most other radars don’t provide classification of birds and drones, providing a high operator-workload, ELVIRA® does that for you, automatically.

So you can concentrate on what action to take about the unauthorised drone in your airspace.

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