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Created by industry experts specifically for the aviation industry, AIRDAT provides systems, training and consultancy services. AIRDAT designs, builds & maintains unique web based solutions focused on improving operating standards, safety and security both airside and landside. AirDAT’s systems and services decrease administration costs and the level of management time required to create, organise, run, update, communicate and audit multiple training, permit, licensing & competency schemes.

Some of AIRDAT’s key systems include:

AIRDAT PASSPORT – A unique web based data management, testing & audit system built specifically to assist candidates, companies, trainers and airport operators meet the standards required in running both airside and landside training schemes, with specific tools to help manage airside driving.  Allowing Airports to maintain control of their schemes through an easy to use interface, managing company and candidate databases, licensing of trainers, test and course content, points offence schemes, course booking & organisation and full audit, billing and competency reporting.  A new eLearning integration allows airports and companies to author their courses online without specialist software or training, ensuring learners can access relevant information 24hr a day.

AIRDAT ONBOARD – Allows airports to easily set up and manage multiple licensing schemes, such as Airside Operator, Ground Handling and Coaching.  Ask the questions and track the data you need to from all stakeholders, and authorise (or prevent!) them from operating.  Track insurance dates, contracts, RIDDOR details and Risk Assessments, in fact, anything you deem necessary.  ONBOARD manages schemes seamlessly without the need for additional staff or time.  ONBOARD can also manage the Airside Vehicle/Equipment Permit Scheme too, taking applications online, monitoring quotas and condition, and building an accurate database.  With integration to AirDAT PASSPORT and helpful tools such as an online Risk Assessment Generator and DVLA vehicle API, it makes life easier, and the airport safer for all.

In addition to systems, AIRDAT also provide onsite training services:

We currently provide onsite trainers, vehicles and facilities for all Airside Driver Training at London Gatwick & London Luton Airports.  Our training team also worked with with ARUP to help successfully deliver familiarisation training to over 20,000 stakeholder staff as part of the successful opening of Heathrow airports Terminal 2. 

In addition, AIRDAT provides consultancy to airside companies and airport operators on course content and structure, development of systems and processes and risk assessment.

AIRDAT employs and contracts some of the most experienced people in their field. Training Managers from blue chip companies and major airlines, commercial pilots, senior international airport operations personnel and medical aviation doctors all make up the mix of expertise and knowledge that help build industry relevant systems. AirDAT also produce high quality, vibrant, engaging course material, including 3D modeling, presentations, video and booklets.