Danlex EOOD


430 Tsar Boris III Blvd.
1619 Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 2 960 20 10


Danlex has over 27+ years of experience in the security sector and detection technology, promoting safety to society while preserving national and international interests across Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Kosovo and contributing to the security of EU external borders

Our company is at the forefront of the security industry, specialized in the sale, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of security screening systems and equipment produced by our esteemed partners – well-renowned global leaders in threat detection and screening technologies.

Our services extend to a diverse range of sectors, including airports, ports, customs and border control, urban , and critical infrastructure security, as well as cultural heritage protection.

At Danlex, we are creating a culture of innovation. Our data-centric approach is uniquely suited to support proactive responses and predictive maintenance of X-Ray systems with valuable benefits for End-Users, Service Providers, and Manufacturer. With our qualified team of experienced scientists, engineers and business executives, we have built extensive expertise in our industry, which serves us to continuously deliver a high level of customer service and to meet the growing challenges on the market.