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TOA Electronics Europe

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TOA has over 85 years of experience manufacturing and designing Public Address and Voice Alarm systems to keep people safe and well informed in acoustically challenging environments – like airports – worldwide.

We are constantly improving our technological capabilities in areas such as acoustics, designing and networking, developing innovative products to provide our customers with the ultimate sound performance and peace of mind.

Thanks to 29 branches and a strong network of local certified partners TOA can give its customers the best support in more than 120 countries around the world.

Safe, informed and relaxed at Airports

Airports need to make the transportation sites safe and user-friendly for all groups involved. An easy-to-orient environment with an enjoyable, appealing, and secure atmosphere.

How to facilitate wayfinding for passengers to make their stay stressless and pleasant?

Airports require specific announcements to be made in dedicated areas, to help guiding passengers to where they need to go.

A safe, comfortable, and stress-free stay for passengers in an airport is ensured by providing and distributing information for passengers in a high-quality, clearly understandable, and timely manner and only in those zones where required to facilitate their wayfinding.


TOA integrated Solution for excellent sound:

Offering the sound systems and engineering capabilities required for safe, reliable passenger transit, TOA facilitates the accurate transmission of information to passengers and smooth communication between airport staffs.

TOA solutions strive to support enhancement of passengers’ experience by enabling targeted announcements and creating a calm, relaxed environment.

By combining TOA high-quality VA / PA systems with AviaVox human-like sounding Automated Passenger Announcement System (APAS), airports and airlines have the possibility to improve communication with their passengers on all levels. Delivering the right message at the right time in the right language and only in the PA-zones where it is needed.

The TOA / AviaVox integration results in greater customer experience as an informed passenger is a relaxed passenger with time to visit shops and restaurants; more satisfied airlines as automatic announcements at the gate increase the efficiency of their operational processes; and better airport performance because of increased gate capacity, higher passenger spending and support of silent airport policies.