APSYS – an Airbus Company


ZAC du Grand Noble
37, avenue Escadrille
Normandie Niemen

+33 629 56 76 15


APSYS, a 100% Airbus subsidiary, is an expert in industrial risk management since 1985.
Airbus is facing daily exposure to a high level of physical and cyber threats in design, production and worldwide operations. Airbus trusts Apsys to take care of the security and the safety of its own products.
Apsys has been working very closely with Airbus since the inception of their Product Security department to jointly develop skills in processes, systems, and product security.
In 2017, Airbus and Apsys decided to share its security expertise outside the group. As a consequence APSYS is now broadening its commitment beyond Airbus to improving the physical and cyber security maturity of the aviation ecosystem.