Meeting the requirements of ACC3

Posted: 16 February 2015 | Mike Woodall, IATA Center of Excellence for Independent Validation (CEIV)

The EU ACC3 inbound air cargo security regulations that came into effect in February 2012 affected almost all carriers moving air cargo or mail into or through the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). Failure to meet the deadline of 1st July 2014 would have seen carriers denied the ability to move air cargo into these territories: So what happened? Mike Woodall of IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validation (CEIV) provides some insight.

Meeting the requirements of ACC3

Air transport industry rules and regulations constantly evolve in large part because new and emerging threats arise and airlines have no choice but to keep up with the flow of new standards – many of which are unfortunately not mutually recognised or harmonised by regulators across the globe. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), State signatories to ICAO Annex 17 and industry representative associations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) all work collaboratively via various fora and ICAO-led committees and working groups in an attempt to create and agree globally harmonised, proportionate, deliverable and sustainable aviation security solutions. However, on occasion worldwide agreement and the associated implementation of such common standards is not achievable in the short- to medium-term.

As a result, some states or collections of states (and at times industry itself) feel compelled to mandate their own standards; typically following a new or updated risk assessment of existing threats (intent and capability), the degree of mitigation currently in place (including vulnerability assessments) and an evaluation of the potential consequences should the risks not be adequately managed and addressed.

ACC3 aims to improve security

One of the most important air cargo security regulations to have emerged in recent times is Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport (ACC3), which was implemented by the EU on 1st February 2012.

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