Issue 2’s Guide To… Baggage Handling



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Read on for three airports’ takes on their own baggage handling operations.

In this section we delve into three airports’ baggage handling operations including Geneva Airport who is implementing its new Baggage Logistics Centre whilst the airport is fully operational – a great feat of project management; London City Airport reveals its uniquely insourced baggage handling operation; and SEA Milan Airports outlines how baggage handling systems are re-inventing the passenger experience across its airport network.

  • Building a new Baggage Logistics Centre in a fully operational airport: A challenge accepted by Geneva
    Sara Branco, Baggage Handling Expert, Geneva Airport
  • Inside SEA Milan Airports’ baggage handling systems
    Alessandro Fidato, Chief Operating Officer, SEA Milan Airports
  • Baggage operations at London City Airport
    Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer, London City Airport
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