Issue 2’s In-Depth Focus on Remote Digital Towers

In this In-Depth Focus, we hear from two experts on how introducing a new digital Remote Tower Centre requires trust in technology, safety and security for both employees and local communities, and, importantly, knowledge-sharing with all throughout the roll-out phase, and the benefits of using AI and machine learning within the environment of a digital tower to identify ways of supporting controller decision making.

Remote digital towers have revolutionised airport air traffic management. Physical towers full of air traffic controllers and equipment are now replaced by high-definition cameras and remote sensing technology. 

  • Avinor’s digital remote towers system: Lessons learned and next steps
    Abraham Foss, Chief Executive Officer, Avinor Group
  • Digital towers, artificial intelligence, and the next generation of airport air traffic management
    Andy Taylor, Chief Solutions Officer, Digital Towers, NATS


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