Batch building: An overlooked opportunity to improve efficiency in baggage handling


2 March 2022



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One of the serious challenges that many airports now face in COVID-19’s aftermath, is the need to reduce costs and improve efficiency in baggage handling. Batch building is easy to implement and can be configured according to an individual airport’s operations. It’s the ideal way to increase baggage handling efficiency, flexibility and safety without huge physical transformation and additional space requirements.

A baggage handling system is an integral feature of an airport’s logistics processes – and one that is optimised and streamlined will create greater passenger satisfaction as well as increased operational efficiency. Even in the face of today’s financial pressures, airports need to maintain their infrastructural development in order to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. To meet that end, airports should consider new technologies and system designs that can achieve operational efficiency in the long term. In the area of airport baggage handling, one such concept is batch building.

Over recent years this technology has gradually made its way into baggage handling systems – and for good reason. The practice, which originated in the warehouse principle of storing and retrieving goods in batches, saves both space and resources, making it perfect for the many airports that are forced to cope with too little space in their baggage makeup areas.

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Credit: BEUMER Group


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