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Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) - Articles and news items

Taking off with TETRA

Issue 2 2012  •  28 March 2012  •  Phil Kidner, CEO, TETRA + Critical Communications Association

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the global open standard for professional mobile radio communi - cations systems. TETRA is used through out the world to deliver secure, reliable and robust critical communications for professional users. It is the technology of choice for public safety agencies, and is deployed by governments around the globe looking to protect their citizens.The adoption of TETRA technology by the public safety sector catalysed its use in a wide range of markets, and today the second largest sector using TETRA after public safety is transport. The use of TETRA in transport is increasing yearon- year, and a significant proportion of that growth is due to the implementation of TETRA in airports – in fact the first commercial contract for TETRA implementation anywhere in the world was for Gardermoen Airport in Oslo in 1996. The dynamics of today’s airport environments, with their rapidly changing requirements, demand innovative and comprehensive solutions within the field of mobile communication.Airports around the world use TETRA to ensure reliable and secure communications. One of the latest implementations of a TETRA system is at Billund Airport, which covers 400 acres in the south-west of Denmark and handles more than 2.6 million passengers a year for both domestic and international travelling. Bangalore was India’s first international airport to adopt TETRA. In any world-class airport, a robust comm - unications network on a digital platform is critical to supporting the many facets of airport ground operations.

Setting the standard

Issue 3 2007, Past issues  •  7 June 2007  •  Marcello Pagnozzi, ETSI Technical Officer for TETRA

ETSI is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to produce telecommunications standards for today and the future. This article looks at ETSI’s work and interviews Marcello Pagnozzi, ETSI Technical Officer for TETRA, to find out more about ETSI’s work in developing TETRA standards.

Applying TETRA at your airport

Issue 4 2006, Past issues  •  1 December 2006  •  Harald Ludwig, Chairman - Technical Forum, TETRA MoU Association

TETRA is more than just a digital radio communications system. A growing number of airport users are discovering that the rich feature set of TETRA and its broad range of data services can be used to improve the efficiency of daily tasks and workflows.

Talking TETRA for operational gains

Issue 2 2005, Past issues  •  10 June 2006  •  Ben Sampson

Instances of airports switching to the digital TETRA mobile radio systems are on the increase, but does this system offer a worthwhile improvement over existing technologies?


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