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Randy Babbitt - Articles and news items

FAA announces alternative energy investments for cleaner, more sustainable jet fuel

Airport news  •  1 December 2011  •  FAA

FAA is awarding $7.7 million in contracts to eight companies...

Aviation forum highlights ways to improve information sharing to better manage flight diversions

Airport news  •  30 November 2011  •  FAA

Steps to improve critical information-sharing during severe weather discussed..

AAAE welcomes airport participation in DOT/FAA Aircraft Diversion Forum

Airport news  •  29 November 2011  •  American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)

Executives from commercial airports will be among the aviation industry stakeholders participating in the DOT/FAA Diversion Forum...

FAA dedicates $72.6 million air traffic control tower at Memphis International Airport

Airport news  •  20 October 2011  •  FAA

New $72.6 million air traffic control tower at Memphis International Airport...

FAA breaks ground on new air traffic control tower and radar facility in Cleveland

Airport news  •  17 October 2011  •  FAA

New $69 million air traffic control tower & Terminal Radar Approach Control facility...

FAA releases independent panel report on air traffic controller training

Airport news  •  3 October 2011  •  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Recommendations from an independent panel on how to improve all aspects of an air traffic controller’s experience at the FAA...

U.S. and Australia agree to cooperate to develop alternative aviation fuels

Airport news  •  13 September 2011  •  FAA

MOU reached to continue R&D of clean, sustainable alternative aviation fuels...

FAA finalises new ice protection rule

Airport news  •  19 August 2011  •  FAA

The FAA issued a new rule to enhance aviation safety by requiring scheduled airlines to install ice detection equipment in their existing fleets...

Congress not to fly home for the August recess without passing an FAA Bill

Airport news  •  1 August 2011  •  FAA

Ray LaHood and Randy Babbitt demand that Congress pass an FAA bill...

FAA revamps cockpit program for air traffic controllers

Airport news  •  1 August 2011  •  FAA

Air traffic controllers will once again be able to ride in aircraft cockpits with commercial pilots...

More critical aviation projects come to halt due to congressional inaction

Airport news  •  26 July 2011  •  FAA

The FAA issued additional “stop work orders” over the last twenty-four hours to construction and technology contractors...

Disappointment with congress after FAA extension goes unaddressed

Airport news  •  22 July 2011  •  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Disappointment after Congress adjourned for the week without passing a clean FAA reauthorization extension...

FAA Administrator Babbitt announces chief of Air Traffic Organisation

Airport news  •  7 July 2011  •  FAA

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt announced that David Grizzle will be the chief operating officer of the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization...

FAA celebrates 75th anniversary of air traffic control

Airport news  •  6 July 2011  •  FAA

The FAA marked the 75th anniversary of federal air traffic control as American aviation experiences its safest period ever...

Fueling greener aviation – Statement by FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt

Airport news  •  10 June 2011  •  FAA

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt released the a statement on the ASTM technical committee approval of an aviation biofuel standard...


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