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Pokemon gone: German airports call to remove ‘Pokestops’ from security areas

16 August 2016  •  Author: Roy Manuell

The airport operators association in Germany, in coalition with the German police are voicing the desire to take measures to ban Pokemon Go’s ‘Pokestop’ function from airports.


A ‘Pokéstop’, an integral part of the mobile smash ‘Pokemon Go’, provides a real-world place where players can collect virtual items such as eggs and ‘Poke balls’, or in other words, desirable virtual goods.

It is thought that players might take measures to avoid security and trigger emergency or unauthorised doors provoking “wide-reaching police measures and possibly civil damages claims”.

Pokemon Go, now a global phenomenon, is relatively new to Germany, introduced just last month but the German authorities might decide to show a firmer hand towards the mobile sensation.

In a separate incident occurring near the city of Osnabrueck in Lower-Saxony, an intoxicated young man attempted to catch a Pokemon from a live railway track.

Many consider that the vocal pressure against the app in Germany might spark wider-reaching dissent from authorities.

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