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Netherlands announce terrorist threat to remain one level from highest

10 August 2016  •  Author: Roy Manuell

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Saturday played host to a series of inspections from police after receiving “indications” that a terrorist threat might be imminent, officials said.


Traffic congestion ensued on a busy summer’s day in Amsterdam but the Dutch national threat level remained unchanged, one notch from the highest, or in other words ‘substantial’.

A spokesperson for the airport, Edmond Messchaert, indicated that:

“There was a threat indication related to the airport, the increased measures are intended to ensure the safety of people working at the airport and travellers.”

The Netherlands has remained unscathed from terrorist threat since 2004 when Theo van Gogh, the outspoken, film maker and grandson of the famous painter was killed by a Muslim radical.

With attacks widespread around Europe at present however, it comes as no surprise that Amsterdam is currently on high alert.

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