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Transforming the Regulatory Landscape for Aviation Security in the UK

Following the route pioneered by our UK CAA Aviation Safety Colleagues, CAA Aviation Security is moving towards a regulatory framework based on Performance Based Oversight, to replace the previous prescriptive “Direct and Inspect” regime. An essential precursor to achieving this is the successful introduction of a Security Management System (SeMS) within each element of the […]

The challenges and opportunities of delivering stable IT Operations in a digital world

This session will describe how stable IT Operations are the cornerstone of any Digital journey. It will describe how Gatwick have evolved traditional Operational frameworks to encompass the demands and implications of digital innovation. It will also discuss how a digital led approach can be leveraged that exploits the power of data to measure and […]

Human Super Recognisers & Airport Security

Human Super Recognisers have an advanced and innate ability to remember and recall faces and names.  They were first successfully used by the Metropolitan Police to solve all manner of crimes, including the Salisbury Novichok case.  They are now used in Germany and Australia.   Super Recognisers could enhance airport security, whether spotting terrorists or […]

Collaboration is the key to developing an effective security culture

Creating a security culture in your airport is a combination of effective collaboration with stakeholders but also encouraging all members of staff to take personal responsibility for ensuring your airport remains secure. This will provide an example of an airport which has implemented a risk-based and outcomes-focused approach to the issue, this will include assessing […]