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Is the lack of standardization within airport security a showstopper for innovation and cost saving?

Date: 26 September 2019
Time: 13:45

Over decades the world has moved toward more open data sharing. This has enabled innovative changes that have created both more collaboration, cost efficiency savings and new services that let the users chose how to use the data itself across systems and solutions. The same trend has not been seen within airport security, where much is still based on proprietary formats and integrations, and the data is still only possible to use within a specific system or application. Avinor, being a multi-airport operator, has several different providers of airport security systems and equipment. The data that is generated in those systems is more or less locked down in proprietary formats. This barrier prevents Avinor, which is constantly focusing on cost-efficiency and re-use of resources, to establish centralized image analysis and system monitoring. In this session Avinor will present their ideas and the business case around standardization of data in security systems, like images and system status.


Flemming Hølvold

Digital Business Developer - IT Strategy, architecture and Innovation, Avinor

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