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Case Study: A pragmatic approach to cyber security in a mid-sized airport

Date: 5 December 2018
Time: 10:20

It is possible to allocate an inordinate amount of resources to the area of cyber security. Almost every supplier seems to have an offering which they see as vital to protecting your business. There is so much hype that it is difficult to plot a path that provides sufficient protection for a proportionate expenditure, whilst at the same time satisfying the board that adequate measures are being taken. Birmingham Airport has been highlighted by ACI as a ‘good practice’ airport in cyber security and has achieved this by using its resources wisely and adopting a strategy that has proved effective. This session will outline the approach taken and show how Birmingham Airport recovered from sustained DDoS and Ransomware attacks and how it recovered its operation in a timely manner.


Wayne Smith

Director of IT and Information Security, Birmingham Airport

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