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Stuart Birrell

CIO, Heathrow Airport

As an Executive Director with extensive CIO experience, Stuart joined Heathrow in 2015 from McLaren Technology Group as Chief Information Officer, leading the transformation of Heathrow to implement the emerging digital, big data and automation capabilities through innovation, skills and organisation planning.

From an early career in various Engineering and Operations roles Stuart transitioned into IT in 2001. Since then he has held several IT leadership roles across a number of industries. He holds an MBA from Warwick University and is a Chartered Engineer.

  • Using innovation and digital capabilities to develop business strategies and operating models
  • Using risk management to develop and deliver business investment strategies
  • Digital – capability and organisational culture
  • Cyber – capability and transformation
  • Transformation of IT organisation, costs and capabilities
  • Back office transformation and automation
  • Future technology to support Expansion
  • Supply Chain and partnership development
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